Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Krenit bowls

Krenit bowls, originally uploaded by planetutopia.

Gorgeous Krenit bowl's, created by Herbert Krenchel in the 1950's, If you have always wanted one of these or are already an avid collector, you will already know how beautiful these bowls are. Made from steel, the insides are enamelled, and the outside have a matt black mixture which is formed using cement, hence the name Krenit. Krenit is a combination of the name Krenchel and eternit (fiber cement).
In 1954, the bowl won a gold medal for its unique design in Triennalen (Milano, Italy). Production stopped in 1966.
The krenit bowl is simply a design classic, modern, functional and yet truely beautiful,
We currently have one krenit bowl left in our online shop, I really don't mind in nobody ever buy's it, that way I can look at it for a little bit longer.

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