Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Amazing 1967 Kettle

Amazing 1967 Kettle, originally uploaded by planetutopia.

Every now and again you come across something you wish you could keep, this kettle is one of those items, but with the enamel section of the website in need of some new blood, I'm being brave and letting this one go, you never know, it may take ages to sell, in which case I'll just look after it, until its new owner can be found.

New finds

New finds, originally uploaded by planetutopia.

Sorry I've not been blogging, I have exciting new plans in the pipeline and its been taking up quite a lot of my time, I will up date you soon.
The Planet Utopia Website and Etsy Shop are both looking lovely, and new items are being added daily, here's a little sample of some new items that have just been added or will be in the next couple of days.